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Best Advantages of Online Shopping in India - 16 Aug 2015 03:48

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Best Advantages of Online Shopping in India

Online shopping first came into exit ance with the opening of the World Wide Web (www) browser in 1991. Over the years many services like online banking online pizza shop were introduced. In 1994 the first online shopping system was introduced by the German company Intershop. Amazon was close second in 1996 followed by eBay in 1996.Generally the usual system of viewing and accumulating products in "shopping cart" is followed by "check out" system. The products are displayed on the.

Web page of the company selling the product. This may be retail store chain store or manufacturer. The shopping cart allows virtual customers visiting the site to add products to shopping cart and once you are done shopping you can submit your products to the payment process.Various modes of payment like Billing to mobile phones and landlines Cash on delivery (C.O.D.) Cheque/ Check Debit card Direct debit Electronic transfer Postal money order Wire transfer/delivery on payment are available. Depending on the options available the customer can make payment and the products.

Are delivered to the residence or address provided.Online shopping offers convenience of shopping from the comfort of the home. wide variety and range of products is available and prices can be compared. This drives customers to shop online. Sellers find.

It cost effective and have access to customers worldwide. Better product information can be provided and comparative study of products alternatives and their attributes can be. Provided easily and the customer is free to view as little or as much as he likes.Online shopping has become one of the most popular modes of shopping. It is estimated that the US online retail industry will be worth $279 billion in 2015. In developing countries due to the fact that Internet access is not affordable adoption of e-commerce is restricted.In India too the incidence of.

Online shopping is growing. More and more people are opting for this mode of shopping. Particularly the younger generation. The older generation still likes to go shopping and bargain. The competition in this sector is also increasing as more and more people enter the business. This has caused reduction in the profit margin. However products bought online are said.

To be cheaper. Than those bought at shops. This is probably due to the lower overheads in real estate rent and low maintenance cost as products can be directly shipped from the manufacturer/wholesaler to the consumer thereby eliminating the need for real life retail stores. However some products like grocery and perishable products may not have market online.All in all On Line.

Shopping is concept which is here to stay!.

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Gone Fishing in Baja - 25 Apr 2015 02:01

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Gone Fishing in Baja

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